League of Legends

Fabian Bundi

aka Quadra

Quadra is rather new to the competitive scene, he started with competing in the SESL Split in 2018. He was mainly playing without a brand until his team was picked up by mYinsanity last split. In the most recent Spring Season, his team made it to finals but sadly did not come out on top. In the League of Legends Ranked Ladder, he currently is within the top 2000 players on the European server.



Simon Bundi

aka punchy

punchy is a known name in the swiss league of legends scene. he played for various teams and participated in a lot of different competitions within Switzerland with a fair amount of success. his goal for the upcoming season is to dominate the swiss scene with the new lineup

Career Milestones

1st Swiss Gaming Challenge 2018

1st SwitzerLAN 2018

1st IESF Qualifier Switzerland 2018

1st Swiss Esports League



Tobias Köstli

aka Sefi

Sefi is basically a veteran now in the swiss scene but on a different role, this will be his second split as a midlaner. He has already played lots of splits in the swiss scene, but also abroad, such as in the first division of Germany, in the Benelux league or in Greece. While he hasn't had too much success abroad, he's rather successful in Switzerland and has won almost every competition at least once. Now he's looking to win the second split of the newfound 'Swisscom Hero League' and proof himself as the best midlaner in Switzerland. Personally, he's had lots of individual success since his roleswap and has hit top 500 in Europe (West) in the solo ladder.

Career Milestones

1st Polylan 2018

1st Switzerlan 2018

1st Zürich Game Show 2018

2nd Swiss Esports League 2018



Luca Santos

aka Luna

Luna is a known face in the Swiss League of Legends scene. He played actively in 2017 and 2018 while having a good amount of success in various different teams. After taking a break from competitive earlier this year, he is now back and wants to prove that he can once again win it all.

Career Milestones

1st Red Bull Player One 2019

1st Swiss Esports League Fall Season 2018

1st IeSF Qualifier 2018

1st Swiss Gaming Challenge 2018

1st Zurich Game Show 2017

1st Switzerlan 2017



Sergio Navarro

aka Renklar

Regular is a one-trick pony Ivern, and can't even play that champ, he used to play in the Spanish scene peaking when he filled mid in KIYF. Now his career has gone downfall and he wants to try 1 last time before joining McDonald's. He heard Switzerland has the best chocolate so he is joining this league.

Bernhard Hladik

aka xRay

xRay is a highly skilled Coach with a lot of experience. Starting with some low elo Teams, the journey led through several leagues over the years. Most of the time he spent in the German League, specific in ESLM1/2. This is also the place where the greatest success was recorded. From now on, he is also looking for success in Switzerland.

Career Milestones

Top 8 Premier Tour

8th ESLM 1st Division

4th ESLM 2nd Division