New Teams for Fall Season 2019

There's no Swiss summer in Esports without a summer slump. Therefore there wasn’t much happening either in the last week’s we hope you had a nice summer break and enjoyed the sun.
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An all new SILENT.R6

Due to the disbandment of our SILENT.R6 team, we're excited to welcome our new roster for the tactical shooter from the house of Ubisoft. Join us in welcoming our all new SILENT.R6 team.
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League of Legends Main Team

When there is an academy team, there also must be a main team, right?! YES! And finally we're able to introduce to you the five summoners of our League of Legends main team!
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Coming for the Pentakill – LoL Academy

SILENTGAMING is back on Summoner's Rift with its League of Legends Academy team! We're stoked! Let us introduce our players to you.
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Overwatch World Cup 2018 – SILENTGAMING on the Road

The biggest event for Switzerland’s esport scene is coming real close! Our SILENT.OW team has some players representing our home country for this years world cup in Los Angeles, USA!
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SESL Spring Season 2018 Recap

The season is over, and before we go into our vacations to get some new energy, let’s talk about the achievements of our teams.
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