PUBG SESL Winter 2019 Season Champion

With the Winter Season 2019 ending we can be very proud of our teams all of them achieved great results in their games and will continue to try to improve and reach new heights in their upcoming games and tournaments. In the SESL Winter Season one of these champions was our PUBG team which took home the gold trophy for SILENTGAMING.
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Smile & Wave(s) Recap

One of the biggest Swiss offline tournaments in Smash Ultimate took place last weekend. Together with our Smash player Wave(s) we've organized an awesome event in partnership with Nintendo and many more.
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An all new SILENT.R6

Due to the disbandment of our SILENT.R6 team, we're excited to welcome our new roster for the tactical shooter from the house of Ubisoft. Join us in welcoming our all new SILENT.R6 team.
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League of Legends Main Team

When there is an academy team, there also must be a main team, right?! YES! And finally we're able to introduce to you the five summoners of our League of Legends main team!
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Coming for the Pentakill – LoL Academy

SILENTGAMING is back on Summoner's Rift with its League of Legends Academy team! We're stoked! Let us introduce our players to you.
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Surprise, our Fortnite squad!

Maybe you noticed some while ago that we created another team this year. We are not pretty good with easter eggs like Epic Games, but we let results speak for itself. Proudly we present you, our last new team of the year 2018!
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