SwitzerLAN and Herofest 2019

As every year a big event for Swiss esports is the SwitzerLAN with 2000 participants, which is being held in the Bern Expo alongside the Herofest and as always SILENTGAMING was there to compete and of course, also to have fun.
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Another Big Change

2019 is the year of hard decisions and big changes. We're sad to announce Daniel "scheedaariii" Hafner's retreating from SILENTGAMING's management team.
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Change in our Management

We hate to say that our time with Michael "chline" Bieri in the SILENTGAMING Management has come to an end. This is a bittersweet goodbye.
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New Teams for Fall Season 2019

There's no Swiss summer in Esports without a summer slump. Therefore there wasn’t much happening either in the last week’s we hope you had a nice summer break and enjoyed the sun.
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That was Fantasy Basel 2019

This year was special. Instead of having our own booth, we partnered up with Nintendo to deliver awesome Smash Ultimate tournaments for you! Also we took home two 1st places in two different games! Read more and find out which one.
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Let’s Smash this years Fantasy Basel!

Fantasy Basel 2019 is right around the corner and once again we'll be part of it.
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